What To Ask Potential Event Management Companies

Do you have an event that you need help planning? You have probably conducted extensive research on the event planning organizations that can help you and found a few that could work for you. However, before you sign on the dotted line, you should ask them a few key questions.

What Services Do You Offer?

Event management companies offer a wide range of services, but not every company offers the same things. For example, while some offer complete services from finding a venue and securing a caterer to providing staff and decorating for the party, others do not. Ask who will handle deposits. Find out if you need to provide your audio-visual and other technology.

Learn if you need to hire additional staff for the event or if the venue, catering company or event manager will handle this. Discuss transportation, especially if you hold your event outside your immediate area. Then, narrow your list to those companies that provide the services you really need.

What Do Your Regular Events Look Like?

Find out if your potential event companies have a specialty. Do they focus on personal or corporate events? If you want to hold an industry conference, you need an event manager with extensive experience in this area. The company will plan these events differently from a holiday party, training or team-building retreat or celebration.

Also, discuss your event goals and ask for suggestions or ideas to gauge whether they have the creativity and knowledge to handle your affair. Observe the planners involved for stress, patience, analytical capabilities and problem-solving skills.

What Technological Tools Do They Use?

Your company invests in specific technological tools, including hardware and software, and you should have planners who understand these tools so they can work with you well. For example, you likely have a specific budgeting software package that you use. Your planner should understand how to use this package. Discuss project management, website building and hosting, digital marketing and analytics options. Find the company that uses the best, most up-to-date technology products.

What Do You Do To Stay Current In the Event Industry?

Like other industries, event planning changes consistently. These companies adopt new technologies, follow current trends and remain informed about new vendors. Check whether the companies are members of professional industry organizations. Do the planners in the business attend conferences and training sessions on a regular basis? You can also ask about their certifications and awards.

Do You Have References I Can Check?

You have likely already researched the company’s reputation online and read testimonials and reviews. However, it is always best to speak directly with a current or former client. Therefore, ask and check the company’s references. Discuss the client’s experience with the company, whether they were satisfied or not and what could have gone better. Ask whether they would recommend the business.

You can also ask to see photos and videos of the events these companies planned. Both the company and client should have this type of evidence.

When you do your due diligence, you can find the right company to plan your event. Don’t forget the interview process because it can give you insight you may not receive otherwise.