5 Types of Law to Consider as a Career

A society without laws would be utter chaos. The federal, state, and municipal legal systems exist to promote fairness and justice in all aspects of life.

A career as an attorney can be a fascinating and rewarding job with excellent compensation and benefits. If you are considering becoming a lawyer, you are probably aware that you need to earn a bachelor’s degree and then attend law school before passing the bar exam.

A particularly important decision is choosing which field of law you wish to practice. There are several types and each has its own character and requisite skills. There are five common types you may want to consider.

Trial Attornies

If you are captivated by courtroom dramas you might want to become a trial lawyer and apply for Tully Rinckey jobs. Attornies who work in trials can be prosecutors, representing the government, or defense attorneys, representing defendants.

Trial lawyers must have excellent public speaking and communication skills as they have to clearly present cases to judges and juries. They must be logical thinkers who can conduct research and put together a convincing case.

Appellate Attornies

When someone loses a case, they generally have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court. In that case, they will be represented by an appellate attorney. Strong writing skills are essential to appellate lawyers. If you are interested in this type of legal profession, look for a law school with professors who are experienced in appellate practice.

Intellectual Property Attornies

If you are interested in protecting the rights and property of creative people, you may want to become an intellectual property attorney. These lawyers help writers and artists of all kinds in protecting their works and ideas from theft by others.

An interesting category of intellectual property is patent law. These attorneys help inventors secure patents for their new designs and technology and thus prevent other parties from manufacturing them.

Patent attorneys must have a strong scientific and technical background. They must pass a test to be licensed by the U.S. Patent Office to practice in this field.

Corporate Attorney

Corporate law is a fascinating field in which you can work for a firm like Tully Rinckey. Corporate lawyers draw up and oversee contracts as well as advise clients on the legal ramifications of all kinds of business deals.

If you are planning to go into corporate law, choose a school with a solid background in this field.

Civil Rights Attorney

A highly challenging, yet equally rewarding type of law to practice is civil rights. In this field, you will be representing people or groups whose rights have been violated by other people or organizations. It can be a very stressful job but its importance cannot be overstated. Civil rights attorneys are among the most important lawyers in society.

Employment Attorneys

One of the most important advances of the early 20th Century was the creation of labor laws that protect the rights and safety of employees in the workplace. Labor attorneys must have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of these laws. Their job is to represent individuals or groups of employees, or labor unions in disputes. They can also represent companies that have been falsely accused of labor violations.

The legal profession is challenging, fascinating, and a nice way to make a living. If you are planning to become an attorney, consider the various types of law you can practice. Choose the one that best matches your skills and interests and find a school that can give you the proper education. Following the right path for you diligently can lead you to your dream job in law.