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Tips for Ordering from PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker is a great site and huge resource for the PC gaming community. For many of our customers outside of the USA, Entrusters is the only safe, reliable and cost effective way of ordering your PC components from US online retailers. We've been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, and have taken 100s of orders for complete PC gaming rigs from PC Part Picker. We are doing our best to make sure we can deliver all orders at a speed and price point that works for you. Here are some top tips for success when ordering your new gaming rig:

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Os 15 melhores aplicativos de Android

Procurar pelos melhores aplicativos para Android pode ser uma tarefa difícil em uma vida. Há muitas opções, muitas categorias e muita oferta. A Entrusters fez um kit com os melhores apps para Android de acordo com reviews de usuários e popularidade na internet em sites renomados. Os aplicativos escolhidos tem como missão ajudar você a tirar o máximo do seu Android, contando com aplicativos para gerenciar tarefas, cuidar da dieta, editar fotos, otimizar sua experiência no smartphone e muito mais!

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As melhores marcas de roupa de bebês nos EUA

Enquanto estamos a espera do grande dia, há uma série de coisas que as mamães precisam se preocupar. Uma delas é a famosa lista de roupinhas, acessórios e necessidades para o novo integrante da casa, o bebê :)

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A nova colaboração da Entrusters com o Cabe na Mala

Opaopaopa! Vem coisa nova aqui. Gostaríamos de compartilhar com você, em primeira mão, que a Entrusters acaba de realizar uma colaboração com a empresa Cabe Na Mala.

Mas o que isso significa na prática para você? Significa que estamos cada vez mais buscando crescimento para te garantir uma experiência realmente única em nossa plataforma. Na Entrusters, nosso maior desejo é que você possa comprar sem fronteiras e ganhar dinheiro enquanto viaja.

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Que tal fazer uma volta ao mundo em uma só cidade?

Durante os Jogos Olímpicos, o Rio de Janeiro irá acolher casas temáticas para representar 30 países do mundo na Zona Sul da cidade.

As casas serão instaladas em diferentes bairros da cidade e prometem ser o centro das festas, degustações e outras atividades durante o mês de Agosto! A melhor parte é que quase todas as casas possuem entrada gratuita. Ai não tem como recusar o convite… né?

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Traga um pedaço do mundo com você

Viajar é uma delícia, mas já pensou ter aquele seu perfume favorito francês da França? Ou aquela massa de bolo maravilhosa que só vende nos Estados-Unidos? Ou ainda aquele tênis da marca que só vende em NY?

We did not find any matches for your request.

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¿Será éste el año de la tecnología holográfica 7D?

En algunos lugares, como Dubai y Japón, este tipo de tecnología ya son funcionales y se emplean en clases educativas y comerciales dentro de colegios y shoppings.

Una tecnología, que viene en alza desde 2014, pero que parece aún no afianzarse en el mercado mundial. En parte por su avanzados requerimientos en cuanto a tecnología para ser aplicados y en parte porque aún no se ha desarrollado un uso comercial efectivo a nivel masivo además de tener que luchar contra los preconceptos que lo sitúan como una proyección holográfica con efectos de viento o una aplicación de video superpuesto en 2D.

De igual manera, ya se encuentra en movimiento una nueva tendencia, que podrá mostrar desde la vida silvestre caminando entre nosotros en un formato holográfico full HD como usos médicos para la visualización directa.

Take Off with Brazilian Airline Azul’s “All-You-Can-Fly” Pass

Azul, the largest Brazilian carrier by cities served, is making it easier than ever for U.S. travelers to visit Brazil. With Azul’s Brazil Air Pass, travelers can fly on unlimited flights throughout Brazil for $299. Additionally, Azul is offering a 21-day version for $399. With U.S. originating fares starting at $499 round trip, a traveler from the U.S. could spend 10 days seeing all of Brazil for less than $800.

And once you arrive in Brazil, U.S. travelers will be happy to find a much cheaper country than in recent years. With an exchange rate that has seen the real to the dollar go from from 2.2 to $1 last January to 3.6 to $1 now. Hotels and restaurants are more affordable than ever, and U.S. travelers can keep costs low while seeing the best that Brazil has to offer.

Travelers can also put extra spending money in their pockets by delivering items to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Check out the Entrusters Sao Paulo deliveries and Rio de Janeiro deliveries marketplaces to see how you can easily earn extra spending money by making deliveries as you explore Brazil. We’re happy to personally set you up with handpicked items to deliver in order to make the process as easy as possible. Reach out to us online and we’ll take care of the rest.

The Azul pass is on sale through November 30, with travel to be completed by December 15. More information is available at flyazul.com/airpass. The pass can also be purchased through U.S. travel agencies or from Azul directly by calling its U.S. customer service line at +1 (844) 499-2985.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Iron Man Edition

Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

What do you get if you cross a super hero with a super smartphone. Well maybe something a little bit like this: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Iron Man Edition. Samsung went to town with Tony Stark on this limited edition version of the phone, which features rocket boosters and an all new Arc Reactor micro core which can deliver, or so Stark claims, an impressive 47 million years of battery life, even for heavy YouTubers.

OK, sure. Very little of that was true. But one part was: Samsung actually is teaming up with Marvel again to release an Iron Man limited edition version of the popular Galaxy S6 Edge. So if you like the idea of carrying an Iron Android in your pocket you'll probably want to want to get your hands on one of these.

Details remain a little sketchy, but a Samsung representative told mashable:

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S 6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition in selective markets. Detailed availability in markets, release date and retail partners will be disclosed in coming weeks. We always strive to quickly respond to ongoing consumer demand in regard to our products.

Wait... it won't be available in all countries? That's sad. Unless, of course, there happened to be a cross-border P2P shopping and delivery platform out there that makes everything available to everyone in all countries. Just saying. Happy shopping, people!

The Coolest Gadgets from CES 2015

Each January, major companies and tech industry professionals gather in Las Vegas to enjoy the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In case you couldn’t make it, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite products, all of which you can find in our curated catalog. Below we’ve included our take on each of our favorites.

Smartphones have become a staple in every day life. With its pioneering display that wraps around the edge, Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge has devised a new way of revealing information. We think this one’s going to be popular with our shoppers, and the good news is that it’s already available for purchasing today.

The Noke by FŪZ Designs lives up to it’s name as keyless padlock. Compatible with your smartphone, the Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. Keys are easily lost, can be stolen and are inconvenient to carry around town. This device keeps your things safe and sound without the hassle of remembering combinations or carrying around keys.

Music brings excitement and motivation to everyone’s life, but headphone cables tangle and add unnecessary clutter. The Bragi Dash are cordless ear buds that not only connect with your smartphone, but also have a built-in 4GB music player. The Dash has it all with wireless convenience.

Anyone with children will tell you that they are constantly worrying about their child’s health. The Pacif-i is a Bluetooth smart pacifier compatible with your smartphone that monitors your child’s temperature and alerts you of his or her whereabouts. This could be less thing to worry about for all our new parent shoppers.

Successfully dropping a bad habit is only accomplished gradually. The Quitbit Lighter keeps count of the amount of cigarettes you’ve smoked and allows you to track your progress on your smartphone. $99 is a small price to pay to drop an expensive habit. If you’re looking to quite, this may be your answer.

The award-winning Sengled Snap is a light bulb with an integrated security camera, microphone, and speaker with 20 years of battery life. With only your smartphone, you can dim your lighting, turn up your tunes, or check to see if your child is sleeping while you’re out and about town.

The Waka Waka Base is a charging device with a built-in light and USB ports that uses stored solar power to keep you connected and out of the dark -- a must-have for travelers and lovers of the outdoors.

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