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E-commerce Disruption

A new YCombinator company called Greentoe is looking to shake up the e-commerce industry....one bid at a time. Greentoe is essentially a hybrid of Amazon and Priceline whereby consumers can post products they are wanting to buy and have retailers post their best prices. The goal is to further improve the online buying experience for web-shoppers everywhere by eliminating the time-consuming searches often needed to unearth the best deals. Techcrunch recently did an interesting article about Greentoe which you can read here.

The way we shop has come a long way from the traditional department stores of the 1950s and will surely continue to be innovated for years to come. Greentoe is an innovative idea which will undoubtedly disrupt the way current e-commerce sites do business. They will surely encounter obstacles along the way, but with the support and resources of Y-Combinator they will have a good run at it. We at Entrusters are obviously seeking to participate in the disruption (although ours is a bit more linked to the logistics industry rather than e-commerce) and hope that at some level we can even utilize new types of e-commerce platforms in order to help get our customers the products they need for the lowest prices possible.

We certainly wish the guys at Greentoe the best of luck and look fwd to following their future success!

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