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The Coolest Gadgets from CES 2015

Each January, major companies and tech industry professionals gather in Las Vegas to enjoy the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In case you couldn’t make it, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite products, all of which you can find in our curated catalog. Below we’ve included our take on each of our favorites.

Smartphones have become a staple in every day life. With its pioneering display that wraps around the edge, Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge has devised a new way of revealing information. We think this one’s going to be popular with our shoppers, and the good news is that it’s already available for purchasing today.

The Noke by FŪZ Designs lives up to it’s name as keyless padlock. Compatible with your smartphone, the Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. Keys are easily lost, can be stolen and are inconvenient to carry around town. This device keeps your things safe and sound without the hassle of remembering combinations or carrying around keys.

Music brings excitement and motivation to everyone’s life, but headphone cables tangle and add unnecessary clutter. The Bragi Dash are cordless ear buds that not only connect with your smartphone, but also have a built-in 4GB music player. The Dash has it all with wireless convenience.

Anyone with children will tell you that they are constantly worrying about their child’s health. The Pacif-i is a Bluetooth smart pacifier compatible with your smartphone that monitors your child’s temperature and alerts you of his or her whereabouts. This could be less thing to worry about for all our new parent shoppers.

Successfully dropping a bad habit is only accomplished gradually. The Quitbit Lighter keeps count of the amount of cigarettes you’ve smoked and allows you to track your progress on your smartphone. $99 is a small price to pay to drop an expensive habit. If you’re looking to quite, this may be your answer.

The award-winning Sengled Snap is a light bulb with an integrated security camera, microphone, and speaker with 20 years of battery life. With only your smartphone, you can dim your lighting, turn up your tunes, or check to see if your child is sleeping while you’re out and about town.

The Waka Waka Base is a charging device with a built-in light and USB ports that uses stored solar power to keep you connected and out of the dark -- a must-have for travelers and lovers of the outdoors.

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