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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Iron Man Edition

Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

What do you get if you cross a super hero with a super smartphone. Well maybe something a little bit like this: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Iron Man Edition. Samsung went to town with Tony Stark on this limited edition version of the phone, which features rocket boosters and an all new Arc Reactor micro core which can deliver, or so Stark claims, an impressive 47 million years of battery life, even for heavy YouTubers.

OK, sure. Very little of that was true. But one part was: Samsung actually is teaming up with Marvel again to release an Iron Man limited edition version of the popular Galaxy S6 Edge. So if you like the idea of carrying an Iron Android in your pocket you'll probably want to want to get your hands on one of these.

Details remain a little sketchy, but a Samsung representative told mashable:

Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S 6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition in selective markets. Detailed availability in markets, release date and retail partners will be disclosed in coming weeks. We always strive to quickly respond to ongoing consumer demand in regard to our products.

Wait... it won't be available in all countries? That's sad. Unless, of course, there happened to be a cross-border P2P shopping and delivery platform out there that makes everything available to everyone in all countries. Just saying. Happy shopping, people!

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