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How are prices calculated?

The total price you pay for an item depends on a few factors:
  • Product cost from online retailer
  • Fee earned by traveler for purchasing, packing, and delivering your order
  • US sales tax and domestic shipping charges
  • Entrusters service fee for arranging and securing purchase, and offering 24/7 customer support
Other costs may include:
  • Customs, duties, and taxes
  • Local shipping
Buy It Now
Items with a Buy It Now indicator reflect the final price you will pay. The resulting total price is then converted into your local currency at the current exchange rate.
Search & Shop by URL
Products that are not listed as “Buy It Now”, for example those requested using our “Shop By URL” feature, or more unusual items, will have an estimated price calculated in the same way as Buy It Now items. However, Travelers are free in such cases to propose their own fees for delivery at which point the total price will be sent to you in the form of a "Delivery Offer.” You can choose to accept any Delivery Offer you receive by clicking the ACCEPT button and then paying at checkout.
on Thursday February 25
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