How Personal Injury Attorney San Fransisco Dolan Law Can Help You

Personal injury is the legal term used to describe a claim made by someone who has been injured because of someone else. It may be time for you to claim a personal injury if someone else’s negligent behavior has caused you harm. If so, you can get assistance in your case from the San Francisco personal injury attorney Dolan Law team.

The high-quality lawyers at their law firm have dedicated themselves to standing up for their clients. They have a track record of obtaining justice on their behalf. Founded and managed by Chris Dolan, who is a trial specialist and widely regarded as being among the very best personal injury lawyers in San Francisco, Oakland, and L.A.

Through obtaining favorable verdicts for their clients, Chris and his group of competent attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm have reached settlement agreements and recovered millions of dollars. They examine your case without charging you and in strict confidence; there is no requirement on your behalf. They give you their whole attention when reviewing your case and deliver great individual service.

Dolan Law, a personal injury and auto accident law practice in San Francisco, considers each client like a member of the family and pays close attention to them throughout the legal procedure. San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Dolan Law only bills if they win the case, in contrast to many law companies who bill by the hour.

Dolan Law personal injury lawyer in San Francisco

Different Types of Personal Injury

Generally speaking, there are 3 individual categories of personal injuries that meet the requirements for the filing of a lawsuit, they are:

  • Actual Injury to Person
  • The suffering of pain
  • Trauma or emotional discomfort

As the name suggests, actual bodily harm is what is meant by actual injury. For example, it is your right to sue another road user if you sustain injuries caused by their behavior on the road. The San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law’s most frequent case is this one, and they have put a lot of effort into creating a website specifically for it and providing all relevant information there.

All future medical or injury-related costs are covered when it comes to you asking for compensation as part of your claim. This covers any extra procedures, medications, home consultation fees, or other costs that might aid in your recovery and return to your regular life.

Those who make a claim for pain and suffering have to provide enough evidence and supporting information in order to back up their claims. In most cases, victims describe the negative impact that the accident and suffering have had on their lives. In the case where it is tough to precisely define the pain and suffering you have gone through, a medical or mental health professional can be used to support your claim.

The most challenging type of lawsuits that lawyers pursue is those that involve varying degrees of emotional distress. This is owing to the fact that it can be a difficult symptom or injury to prove in a court of law. This could involve a wide variety of injuries sustained. For example, you could sue someone for emotional damage if they have slandered you or made violent threats.

Claim Procedure

It always sounds like a difficult and drawn-out process when we hear about lawsuits and their claim process. Dolan Law, personal injury specialists in San Francisco, can make this process much more simple for you — and far easier for you to deal with. Cases that involve injury are often the swiftest and the most successful, and some 95% of them are solved without ever going to court.

The lawsuit-claiming procedure or settlement process might be quite straightforward if specific paperwork is completed correctly. The attorneys working for the client who has sustained the injury will be able to support in negotiating an acceptable and reasonable settlement that will appease both the insurance company and the injured party.

Once the settlement has been finalized, the claiming procedure can start, and the individual who is being sued must pay all costs up until the case is resolved.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the case may be tried in court. The judges in this case hear both sides and give them a fair chance to present their arguments. The judge then renders a decision. The court uses its authority to levy additional fees for the attorney’s fee and other related charges to prevent all lawsuits from proceeding to court trials and encourage parties to settle matters outside of court.

Why Dolan Law Firm?

These are the reasons why Dolan Law is a superior law firm:

  • Outstanding Track Record
  • Long Experience
  • Superiority Over Rival Law Firms
  • Respect In The Industry 

Rounding Up

If professional assistance is not sought, filing and litigating a personal injury claim can be a time-consuming and difficult process. San Francisco-based personal injury lawyers Dolan Law are the perfect option to offer expert assistance in these types of matters. This includes personal injury, violations of employee rights, elder abuse, vehicle, and bicycle accidents, and most recently, Covid 19.

Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan has a seriously impressive history of success. They are the case’s driving forces and champion injury victims’ rights. They have all the resources that are needed and by far their most special quality—the attention that they give to each and every client, despite working with a relatively small team of 15 lawyers.

Their outstanding services, offered on their main website, are clearly demonstrated by the sheer volume of positive client reviews. They have testimonials from all different kinds of clients and situations they’ve dealt with. You may read about the notable cases they took on and won on their website, to convince you as to why this law firm is the best.

The biggest perk is that they hear your case completely, anonymously, and without charging you anything until you win.